Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paper Easter Baskets

My friend Erlinda taught me how to make these beautiful little flowers using the scallop circle punch and crimper. First you punch out 3 scallop circles. Then run them through the crimper about 10 times, in any direction. This softens the fibers so you can pull the scallops apart. When your done you should have 6 scallop circles. You'll want to put a brad in the middle then crumble each scallop circle towards the middle. Gently pull them back to form your flower. It's pretty easy, probably easier than I explained it :)
If using two different colors, you can layer any way you like. I used the 2 3/8 scallop circle #118874, but you can use any size you wish.
I love the way this flower looks on this little Easter basket!
 I used the Fancy Favor Box #115965
I wanted my crinkle paper to match, so I made my own, using my husbands paper shredder!
I'm going to change the color scheme to something brighter, add a ribbon handle
 and make them for my granddaughter's to give out at school.
Wish me luck, I have to make atleast 30 of these cute little baskets.
Hope you enjoyed this project!

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  1. I love your box and I'm proud of you posting two consecutive days!



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