Saturday, November 6, 2010

More White Beards - Just what the Doc ordered

Another one of Blinkin', Thinkin' and Inkin',
Ellen Kemper's awesome punch art!

(Use the dwarfs in unique ways to make a "get well" baskets, or gifts
What do you think? Will that work?
Oh, who cares! - you just came for the tutorial anyway, right? (grin)

Here is a "how to" for Doc.
  • More Mustard - full heart (trimmed with scissors) and large oval HOLE punched with wide oval
  • Blush Blossom - 1 inch circle, 1/2 inch circle, small oval
  • Basic Black - two standard hole punch
  • Vellum, sponged with bashful blue - two standard hole punch
  • White - smallest heart in Heart to Heart
Click on the photo in order to read the words

Add pen marks for folds on hat, eyebrows, glasses "ear pieces"
MAKE SURE you get your black eyes CLOSE (as in overlapping) because the glasses will go on the outside of the black parts. Add white highlight with gel pen.

I sponged just a little bravo burgundy on the top of his nose.
To attach the glasses - I rolled up a mini glue dot and stuck that wad at the bottom of his eyes - so your glasses are just attached at the very bottom of the 'lens'. This glue wad will show a little bit now but will be covered by his cheeks and nose.
I drew on a smile but it is not noticeable with the nose attached so you can skip that if you want.
You might notice my "fold" lines are a bit thick on the right Doc - I opened the wrong end of my stampin' write journal pen. Oops!

I have "ideas" for most of the dwarfs - I just have to execute them. (Execute: To perform or carry out what is required i.e., make the projects NOT execute- as in kill the dwarfs).

But I need HELP on one. I'm struggling with a way to use Bashful in the basket. The best I've got so far is putting him on a card and saying "Don't be Bashful, call me if you need anything". Any better ideas out there?

Hope you enjoyed another of Ellen's tutorial's
Thanks for stopping by!

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