Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stamp for a Cure!

Hello fellow Scrappers,
Do you like the beautiful Diabetic bags pictured above? Well if you do...READ ON!

Well this is the time for giving, and finding a way to help let's do our part.

I have a fellow scrapbooker who needs our help. 

When I saw this I had to do it!!
So many of my family members have been diagnosed with this terrible Diabetes disease,
so if you can, please help...

Want to see how you can make a contribution and get something FUN in return? 
 Then read on..... 

Lynn Pratt decided to make this project in honor of her daughter Ashley. For those of you who have not heard, her five year old daughter, Ashley, has recently been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She is an amazing kid and continues to impress us with her great attitude towards this disease. ALL proceeds from this project will go directly to the American Diabetes Association in Ashleys' name!

The purses are approximately 7" across x 4 1/2" tall x 4" deep. They will easily fit many cards and envelopes inside and would be great to hold swaps!

By making a donation of any amount to the American Diabetes Association you can get the full tutorial for this project.

CLICK THE TITLE BAR to see Ashleys' Diabetes Page and/or make a donation!

I thank all of you who make a donation of any amount from the bottom of my heart. You are welcome to make a donation to this great cause even if you do not want the tutorial. So many people suffer from this disease and every penny donated gets them that much closer to finding a better way to handle the disease and hopefully find a future cure!

Thank you. Lynn Pratt

I would also welcome anyone else who has a blog, to post the photo of these purses and a link to Ashley's diabetes page or this blog post.
The more people that see this and are able to donate the better!

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