Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello Friends,
Christmas is my most favorite time of the year! I love the lights, glitter and food! But most of all I love what Christmas really means, the birth of our awesome most beautiful Jesus. Which means, a time to be thankful and appreciative for all you've been blessed with. That being said, each year my family tries to find a family to sponsor, but this year, though I know there must be so many who need help, we just haven't had any luck. Do you know a family that we could sponsor? If you live in Las Vegas, please let me know.
Now on to the Christmas Decorations.
The Tree! 
The more stuff, the better! 

Top Shelf! 
Entry way

Formal Dining area! 
Kitchen banner... 

The Table Story 
 Though very aged looking, it's my favorite piece of furniture in my house. My uncle Tirso made 5 book cases, one for each of his 4 daughters and one for me! The wood used for this table was taken from the condemned home my grandparents shared for over 40 years in Logandale, NV. I will always be grateful to my uncle for blessing me with this most awesome piece of my heritage. I couldn't think of anything more special to put on this table, but a picture of my baby Mia's first picture with Santa!  
Almost out of room, we need a bigger fireplace!
Happy Holidays, God Bless!

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